Conveyor Automation

Transforming Conveyor Automation with Dorner

Unique products with unique packaging require versatile conveyor solutions that are engineered to handle just about anything. Dorner conveyors get everything from machined parts to raw food products to the exact location, in the exact position, at the exact time it needs to be there for the next phase in the process. You rely on precision and flexibility in your operations, and Dorner conveyors are here to make it happen.

How Do Dorner Conveyors Improve Your Process?

  • Precision solutions
  • Sleek, low profile designs
  • Product transfers without losing orientation, spacing, or location
  • Faster performance while maintaining accuracy
  • Using the right technology for the application
  • Precise product location
  • Fitting tighter spaces
  • Using less footprint and maximizing space
  • Faster and more accurate installation
  • Increased up-time

Industries Utilizing Dorner Conveyors

There are over 1,200 industries worldwide that currently use Dorner Conveyors for their automation needs, most notably:

  • Integrators
  • Material Handling
  • Metal Working
  • Packaging
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Baking & Confectionary
  • Food Handling & Processing
  • Ready-To-Eat Foods
  • General Manufacturing
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