"How can we fit more components in our electrical panel without needing to purchase a bigger enclosure?"

Jake Okerlund, Sales Engineer at Mechatronic Solutions:

"A lot of customers that I have talked to would like to be able to put a few more components in their panel but say they are out of room. Their thought was also to move to a larger enclosure but were unsure if that was the answer due to the additional cost on top of the added components.

What I have found, is that in most cases, we have been able to keep the same enclosure size but switch them to the Eaton Bussmann CCP Disconnect Switches from what they had been using for circuit protection. The CCP has a compact footprint that allows space to be freed up. This extra room allowed all of the extra components to be added to the panel. They have 1, 2, and 3-pole disconnect switches that can handle 30 amps. One thing I would mention is to make sure you use the support bracket for the disconnects. The assembly instructions don’t directly point out that this bracket is a MUST.”

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