Moore's Law

Moore's law famously anticipated that every two years the number of transistors on a microchip would double, thus making cutting-edge technology more accessible on a quicker timeline.  

While that is considered dead by many people in the tech industry, the concept has some prevalence. Robotics and automation are not only becoming more widely adopted, but they're also becoming more practically accessible and scalable.  


Google Trend Data For Robotics


Here we can see the line clear as day; Robotics has been incrementally gaining more search traction over the past 12 months. From May with an abysmal 22 to March tapping 100, the search and demand for Robotics have skyrocketed and will seemingly continue to peak.  


Price of Robotics as a 5-Year Investment

This is in part because the cost of robotics as a five-year investment is trouncing a lot of employee investments over the same time period. For most rote jobs that a pick and place robot could do, you're looking at an investment of >$100,000 over five years, including recommended maintenance. Overall, the price of robotics, maintenance, and repair has quickly dropped over the last few years due to widespread adoption and streamlined technology.

Are Robotics Right For You?

Each business is different; some jobs will require more hands-on and diligent work, which would exponentially increase the cost of the processes. If you're considering getting into robotics and industrial automation, give us a call, over 50% of our staff are engineers who would love to troubleshoot the process with you.