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Omron V440-F C-Mount Code Reader

Omron's new V440-F C-mount code reader provides a single code reading solution for complex traceability needs.

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Omron FH-SMD 3D Robot Vision System

This system simplifies the implementation of bin picking tasks by providing a compact, lightweight and fast camera with a powerful 3D application software.

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Omron D41 Series Safety Door Switches

Omron's D41 series of RFID-monitored door switches are a flexible solution that protect operators requiring partial or full body access to machinery in various applications across many industries.

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Omron i4L Series SCARA Robots

The i4L series of SCARA robots offer strong performance at a cost-effective price. The i4L series features high inertia and high duty ratings which are uncommon to lighter duty SCARA robots.

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Omron E3AS-HL Photoelectric Sensors

The E3AS-HL line of photoelectric sensors from Omron incorporates CMOS technology for small and variable part detection with a high degree of precision. 

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