The EYE+ Smart Control System from Asyril consists of a compact controller, high-resolution camera, and calibration plate. It allows you to control your hopper, Asycube feeder, camera, and robot directly from the EYE+ studio, a web-based interface. 

                              asyril-eye+-smart-control-system  asyril-eye+-smart-control-system

EYE+ optimizes the performance of your Asycube part feeder with integrated Artificial Intelligence based vision on a powerful controller. The user friendly interface with step-by-step instructions makes the software easy to follow and enables you to set up a complete system with calibrated robot and vision in minutes. 

The command prompts are sent through TCP/IP, making the EYE+ system compatible with any PLC and industrial robot brand.

How It Works

Using the configuration wizard, EYE+ Studio is set up in 3 steps:

  • Vision configuration
  • Create a new recipe
  • Hand-eye calibration

During production, EYE+ controls all the different components of the application (Asycube feeder, hopper, vision, and robot):

  • Switch on hopper to feed the Asycube
  • Manage vibrations of Asycube
  • Detect correctly oriented parts
  • Pick parts from platform by robot

View Asyril EYE+ Smart Control System Datasheet