The Simplified Motion Series from Festo combines the simplicity of pneumatics with the advantages of electric automation. The Simplified Motion Series consists of electromechanical components with an application-optimized combination of motor and servo drive, known as an integrated drive. This means that you do not need an external servo drive, and you can commission the system quickly and easily. 


The actuators are ideal for simple movements between two mechanical end positions with speed control, gently cushioned travel into the end position, or simplified pressing and clamping functions. They are plug-and-work components, neither software or a PC is needed because all the parameters are set manually on the actuator. You can also connect the Simplified Motion Series directly to the controller using Digital I/O or IO-Link, which are both integrated as standard.

The Simplified Motion Series includes:

  • EPCE Compact Electric Cylinders: Compact and versatile, short-stroke electric cylinders for sorting, separating, stopping, labeling, and more.
  • EPCS Electric Cylinders: High feed force electric cylinders for pressing, clamping, and positioning tasks. 
  • EGSS Electric Cylinders: Compact mini slides for smooth, precise movements. 
  • ERMS Electric Rotary Axes: Easy-to-use electric rotary for 90° or 180° rotations.
  • ELGS-BS Linear Ball Screw Axes: Linear axes for smooth, precise movements.
  • ELGS-TB Linear Toothed Belt Axes: Linear axes for dynamic, long-stroke movements.
  • ELGE Linear Toothed Belt Axes: Linear axes for dynamic movements. 

View Festo Simplified Motion Series Datasheet