The ServoBelt Linear Light LoopTrack from Bell-Everman is an ideal solution for multi-carriage applications, as well as applications where the belt can’t be located on the top surface. It also has a shorter driver that is only 20 millimeters longer than the bearing carriage, which means you receive all the benefits of the recirculating belt without a significant reduction in travel.

Bell-Everman’s ServoBelt Linear actuators put belts to work in an entirely new way that reduces the positioning errors and speed limitations of conventional belt drives. Also, unlike traditional single-belt drives, ServoBelt can support systems with unlimited travel lengths and multiple independently controlled carriages on the same motion axis. This is all possible because the ServoBelt Linear’s carriage rides between a pair of toothed, steel-reinforced polyurethane belts.


Using Bell-Everman's online engineering tool, you can configure your own system. If you need any assistance, contact us here at Mechatronic Solutions.