Machine Safety

Protect Your Workers While Maintaining Productivity and Efficiency

Protecting workers from harm is a universal industry goal, but machine and plant safety can often seem intimidating. The complex maze of standards and regulations can be difficult to navigate without the right help. Omron’s unmatched combination of expertise, products and services can help you protect your team without sacrificing output.

In collaboration with Omron, we can assist you in engineering a safety solution and completing any required remediation, as well as train your engineers and production workers on safety compliance and best practices.

Omron Safety Product Line-Up

  • Area Scanners
  • Emergency Stop Switches
  • Light Curtains
  • Safety Door Switches
  • Safety Mats and Edges
  • Safety Monitoring Relays and Programmable Safety Systems
  • Safety Switches and Operator Controls

Benefits of Omron Safety Services and Products

  • Protect and warn operators of potential safety hazards.
  • Save companies form costs associated with safety incidents.
  • Reduce liability by validating that a machine meets safety requirements in event of a workplace injury.
  • Keep compliance with OSHA, which requires a minimum level of protection around some machines.
  • Maintain compliance with safety standards.
  • Reduce productivity loss from downtime.
  • Control targeted sections of machines or lines for maintenance or change-over without stopping the entire line.
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