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With best-in-class products from Omron and Yaskawa, flexible manufacturing is enabled by a seamless integration of robotics and machine control. For nearly any type of industry, chances are your customers are evaluating you with a similar set of criteria:

  • Speed of delivery and responsiveness to changing needs.
  • Achieving consistent quality while maintaining low price-points.

Can your operations deliver on each of these often conflicting measures, and still remain profitable? For all of these challenges, few solutions can balance the demands as well as robotics. If you’ve ruled out robotic automation several years ago, think it’s just an option for the big players, or simply just don’t know where to start, now is an exciting time to take a new look at implementing robotic solutions. With recent advancements that cut costs and expand capabilities, robotics has become a viable path to profitability for more businesses than ever.

Robotics can improve your speed to market

  • Simple tasks are performed more quickly versus manual processes.
  • Robots free-up your skilled workforce to perform more complex tasks, making better use of time and money.
  • Robotics provide consistent and predictable productivity that reduces management oversight. Common factors that jeopardize timelines (e.g. retraining, shift changes, sick time and turnover) have less impact on your operations.

Robotics deliver consistent quality

  • Robotic movements are consistent, focused and precise- often within .5mm of repeatable accuracy.
  • Avoid productivity loss and re-work that tends to happen late in shifts/work week due to fatigue.
  • Quality scales up without the challenges of finding skilled workers to maintain it.

For the right processes, robotic automation delivers rapid ROI through cost reduction and added value

  • Buy-in is simple and flexible, with turnkey workcells that can be set up in under a couple days.
  • The life cycle of robots often last years beyond its break-even threshold, then can be remanufactured for a “second life.”
  • Robots can be repurposed for a broad range of applications based on changing needs.
  • Increased margins through predictable, high-quality production give you the leverage needed to stay competitive, retain customers and win new business.
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