• Variants for safety-related syst. up to SIL3
  • Suitable for process automation
  • Suitable for quarter turn actuators
  • Very compact solenoid valve
  • Suitable for electronics & assembly industry
  • In-line, semi in-line, & sub-base valve
  • Space-optimized poppet valve
  • Miniature, width dimension 10mm
  • Switching times down to 4ms
  • Fast switching valves for higher flow rates
  • Direct mounting, sub-base, manifold assem.
  • Switching times down to 2ms
  • Hygenic single valve in clean design
  • Suitable for food zones (EN 1672-2)
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Fast switching valves for higher flow rates
  • Directly actuated poppet valve
  • Switching frequencies up to 1000Hz
  • Very narrow, 5.9mm width
  • Up to 20 valves can be arranged in a row
  • Ideal for control of small air flows

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