Payload: 2-900kg
Reach: 532-4683mm
Assembly & Handling

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Key Industries and Applications:


Powerful, Reliable, Fast
From compact and powerful designs to heavy-duty, extended-reach models, MH-series robots meet a wide range of application requirements. From small parts assembly and machine tending, to heavy-duty handling of large castings and weldments, and more, the MH-series family can benefit a variety of industries.

Greater Application Possibilities

Six-axis robots offer the flexibility needed to address a wide range of tasks.

Designed to maximize reach and access while avoiding interference.

Options for an XP (eXtra Protection) package and anti-corrosive finish for harsh environments or food production settings are available on select models.

Optimized Production Output

Fast axis speeds and acceleration capabilities help to reduce cycle time.

Highly-Reliable Performance

Internally routed cables and air lines increase cable life and enhance safety.

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