UL 508A Industrial Control Panels

Mechatronic Solutions has extensive experience in the design and production of electrical control panels. We are a UL 508A certified panel shop for a variety of solutions involving electrical and automation components.

Advantages of partnering with Mechatronic Solutions for electrical control panels include a simplified supply chain for your project, and reduced overhead costs related to UL documentation, certification and maintaining skilled assembly technicians.

Future Products
Electrical Design & Schematics
Mechatronic Solutions employs a skilled staff of design engineers to work with new or existing designs to ensure compliance to UL 508A standards.
UL 508A Certification/Labels
Mechatronic Solutions maintains UL 508A certification and manages UL audits so your company doesn’t have the cost and time associated with maintaining certification.
Assembled to Exact Specifications
Mechatronic Solutions will work with you to determine the most efficient way to assemble electrical control panels to your exact specification. We employ a highly skilled/trained staff of electrical technicians and assemblers, and document work instructions for consistent, reliable quality.
Tested & Quality Checked

Every electrical control panel is powered up and tested for functionality. Your design staff can work with our team to develop an appropriate test plan. In addition, every control panel goes through a final check-out for quality control before being shipped out.



UL 508A requirements cover industrial control panels intended for general industrial use, operating from a voltage of 1000 volts or less. This equipment is intended for installation in ordinary locations, in accordance with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70, where the ambient temperature does not exceed 40°C (104°F) maximum. Additionally, these requirements also cover industrial control panel enclosures and industrial control panels primarily intended for flame safety supervision of combustible fuel type equipment, elevator control, crane or hoist control, service equipment use, marine use, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, equipment for load management applications, fountain control, irrigation equipment control, and for control of industrial machinery including metalworking machine tools, power press controls, and plastic injection molding machinery. Also covered are industrial control panels intended for control of permanently installed electrical equipment for aquatic playgrounds, permanently installed electrical equipment associated with commercial water park rides, wave pools and similar installations, and permanently installed electrical equipment associated with commercial and large residential swimming pools and in-ground spas.


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