Up and Running with the Asyril Eye+

with Connor Hudalla and CJ Newhouse

Parts Identification Has Never Been Easier

In this live event, Connor Hudalla and CJ Newhouse, from Asyril; will be taking you through the Asyril Eye+ program from start to finish. Taking a part, training Eye+, and streamlining it into integration.

October 24th, 11 A.M. CST

1 Hours of Presentation + Q&A Luncheon

  • Overview of the Asyril Product Line
    Flexible Feeders


  • The Eye+ Interface

  • Creating an Eye+ Recipe

  • Lunch Q&A

Learn About Asyril

Asyril was founded in 2007. They specialize in the design of innovative systems that integrate perfectly into any automation machine to optimize its flexibility, speed and precision.

Asyril’s patented 3-axis vibration technology and vision-based smart control system can sort parts and components from ~0.1 to 150 mm in size. It has already enabled major industry players in Europe, America and Asia to gain competitiveness and achieve rapid returns on investment.

Learn About the Speakers

Connor Hudalla has been a staple of Asyril since 2022 and is one of their go-to application engineers. 

CJ newhouse is a recent Mechanical Engineering Graduate and a member of the Asyril team since earlier this year. 

Learn About Mechatronic Solutions

Mechatronic Solutions is a leading Asyril distributor for Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota. We have a team of engineers on staff to help you size and select the correct solution for your application. If you would like more information or have any questions, please fill out our contact form and a member of our team will reach out to you.

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