Payload: 80-500kg
Reach: 2061-3159mm
Palletizing & Handling

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Key Industries and Applications:


Flexible, Fast, Reliable
Well-suited for a wide range of industries, extremely versatile PL-Series robots help to optimize throughput for a variety of handling applications. Ideal for palletizing, order picking, and logistical tasks for end-of-line or distribution automation, these highly efficient models can move boxes and fill pallets with ease and precision.

Powerful Capability

Performance-driven designs for increased production throughput.

High allowable moment of inertia to handle unbalanced loads.

Optimized Reliability

Internally routed airlines and cables increase safety.

Robot harness designs help to improve diagnostics and maintenance.

Advantageous Application Options

Works with PalletSolver software for offline pallet pattern sequencing.

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