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Collaborative Robots in 2024

It is 2024. Collaboratives have been around for a while so we won’t dive too deep into the definition. Collaboratives are designed to work around humans safely or without guarding. That doesn’t mean they are absolutely safe, but they are safe enough for interactions.

 Over the past two years, interest in Collaboratives has increased, but it doesn’t look like they will be overtaking mobile or industrial robots any time soon.

 As this curiosity mounts, typically, we find the conversations leaning towards what collaboratives should be used for over an industrial robot, so we’ve taken some of that feedback and crafted the list below for your convenience.

Top Collaborative Use Cases


Pick and Place

Pick and place is a very clear definition of the process. The robot picks up a part at one location and places it at another. This can come in multiple processes and sizes:

  • Removing one item from a conveyor and placing it on another, such as food that’s been packaged.
  • Sorting individual materials out of a bin to be set in a different arrangement.
  • Placing bulk materials from a tote onto a conveyor or sorter.

Source: Yaskawa – Click Here to Read More

Quality Inspection

This is becoming a more common use case among high-fidelity materials that are being moved faster than a traditional machine vision setup would allow. This has numerous iterations:


  • The Omron TM uses its on-board machine vision to do a 360-part inspection.
  • Yaskawa Motoman working with PhotoNeo and their 3D vision system to pick soft parts.

Source: Yaskawa – Click Here to Read More

Machine Tending

In a world where we frequently face labor shortages, collaborative machine tending is becoming increasingly viable. Previously, making sure robots don’t experience down time or regular maintenance and tool-changing on robots were done by employees, but now these complicated tasks can be covered by collaboratives.


  • Sheet Metal Forming for a Press Brake
  • Automatic Tool Changing for an Industrial Robot
  • Parts Quality Inspection before Passing off down the line.

Source: Yaskawa – Click Here to Read More

Welding, Gluing, Painting, Drilling

As factories incorporate automation in multiple different segments, any highly repeatable and distributable task can be performed by a collaborative robot.


  • Yaskawa Motoman has been providing welding robots since the 1980’s.
  • The HC10 collaborative robot has been used for paint distribution.
  • Gluing and drilling can be programmed with correct end-of-arm tooling.

Source: Yaskawa – Click Here to Read More


Box in and box out has become the dominant use case for many collaborative robots. Not only are they capable of doing multiple pallets per hour, which can eliminate repetitive strain for factory workers, but most collaborative robot companies will have pallet software that minimizes programming time and may even lead to factory optimizations.


  • Fenceless Pick and Place Palletizing seen right.
  • The HC Series collaborative can palletize up to 30KG depending on the robot model.


Assembly is a bit of a broad term, and as such, there are multiple levels of visualization that the collaboratives are able to perform for these tasks.


  • Modifications to PCBs
  • Good distribution for off-line conveyors
  • Connectors or precise assembly situations
  • Metal forming or shaping

Source: Yaskawa – Click Here to Read More

When a Collaborative Is Not the Ideal Solution

    Speed and Throughput are larger priorities.

    Collaboratives excel in situations where safety and human interaction are required. But if you have a high-speed assembly line with minimal worker interactions, there are better solutions than collaboratives.


    Higher Safety Requirements Are More Accessible

    Alternatively, if the materials are large or hazardous, minimizing worker interaction might be safer with hard guarding and industrial safety over an interactive workspace with a collaborative.

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