Payload: 5-20kg
Reach: 845-2590mm
Assembly & Handling

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Key Industries and Applications:


Slim, Fast, Highly-Flexible
Engineered with a powerful actuator-based design that provides fast acceleration and “human-like” flexibility, SDA-series robots are ideally suited for assembly, part transfer, machine tending, packaging and other handling applications.

Human-Like Performance

15 axes of motion offer superior dexterity and versatile workpiece transfer.

Dual 7-axis arms work together or independently.

Broadened Application Range

Slim body better optimizes use of space and allows reaching into tight spaces without affecting functionality.

Ability to hold a part with one arm while performing additional operations with other arms.

Well-suited for use in hazardous or harsh environments.

Increased Shop Safety

Internally routed cabling reduces interference and maintenance, while simplifying programming.

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