Pneumatic Training Course

Continuing Education Credits with Festo

Live Event with

Pneumatic Experts

$1,495 Per Seat.

In this live event, Festo will be covering:

Course Content

  • Basic principles of compressed air supply
  • Symbolic representation of devices and standards
  • Basic principles of industrial electric controls
  • Identifying and eliminating faults, including safety aspects
  • Cutting installation costs – from single valve to valve terminal

At the conclusion of the training, the participant can:

  • Design, assemble, and test basic pneumatic circuits
  • Maintain and troubleshoot pneumatic components and basic control systems
  • Identify and describe the design, features, and operation of pneumatic components
  • Identify and explain symbols for pneumatic components
  • Interpret technical specifications and data relating to pneumatic components
  • Understand the fundamentals of compressed air generation

September 17th to 19th All Day.

Live Event - Festo Pneumatics Certification Event

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Learn About Festo

“As a third-generation family-owned company, we are financially independent and socially committed. We therefore think and act sustainably – in generations, not business years. Our values provide guidance for how we shape our company together. They determine how we act and how we treat each other.

Curiosity, courage and adaptability are not new concepts for Festo. They have always been part of our DNA. We want to lead so that we are equipped to handle the constantly changing requirements in our market.

Despite the many changes in our company’s long history, one thing has always been constant: We are independent family-owned company and will remain so in the future.”

Learn About the Speaker

Michale Cain is a Trainer in the Industrial Workforce Development at Festo Didactic in Mason, Ohio.

Michael Cain is a dedicated traveling instructor at Festo Didactic. With over a decade of experience in workforce education, Michael has successfully instructed students from various vocations. His expertise and practical approach enable him to effectively impart skills that empower students in their careers. Michael is committed continuous learning to stay updated in the rapidly advancing field of automation and manufacturing.

Prior to joining Festo, Michael taught at St. Phillips’s College in San Antonio as part of the Texas Fame Program. In this role, he collaborated with industry partners to develop highly skilled service technicians. He also taught at Midland College in the Energy Technology department, preparing students for careers in the oil, natural gas, wind, and solar industries. Additionally, Michael is a veteran who served in the United States Navy as a Nuclear Mechanic.

Michael holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering Technology from Thomas Edison State University.

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