Mechatronic Solutions at ATX

Booth 1803  | October 16th – 17th 2024!

Mechatronic Solutions - ATX 2022

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ATX Vendor Presence

Over 20 Vendors Will Be Represented at Our Booth

Mechatronic Solutions Demos

10+ Demos Will Be Running Full Time

ATX – Mechatronic Solutions October 16th – 17th, 2024

Mechatronic Solutions booth is 1803 at the ATX tradeshow on October 16th & 17th at the downtown Minneapolis Convention Center

Represented Vendors

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Demo List and Digital Booth

Mecademic MCS500

In This Demo – Rapid Pick and Place

The MCS500 will be picking batteries from one plate and placing them on the other. 

Powered by an Omron NX1P2 and an Omron HMI, live tracking and easy to use buttons allow the operator to work seamlessly.

Key Components

Mecademic MCS500

Omron NX1P2

Omron HMI

Machine Vision Table

In These Demos

Omron F430 – Barcode to OCR Comparisons.

Omron V440 – will be analyzing text on a polished metal surface.

Omron FHV7 – will be seeking small components on a Raspberry Pi Pico.

Pixelink Resolv4K – will be identifying airforce targets.

Key Components

Omron F430 

Omron V440 + CCS Flat Dome Light

Omron FHV7 + CCS Colored Ring Light

Pixelink Resolv4K 

Meca500 and Asycube240

In This Demo – Pin Pick and Place

The pins are randomly strewn about the Asycube 240. 

From there, the Eye+ Snapshots the assortment and ideal pins for placement.

From there the Meca500 picks the pins identified by the Eye+ and places them sequentially in the pin tray.

Key Components

Mecademic Meca500

Asyril Asycube 240

Asyril Eye+

Schunk Gripper

Omron HMI

TSLOTS Extrusion

Omron i4H Scara Cell

In This Demo – Indexed Pallet Placement

The i4H will place dice on a grid that sits on the Festo EGC-HD, gradually this grid will be indexing at stages from left to right.

Meanwhile the i4H will be stacking the dice sequentially as it is making this movement.

Once the grid is completely filled it will then rapidly go back and forth as the i4H unloads the grid back into the asycube.

ACE Sight captures information from the Asycube and the sequence repeats.

Key Components

Omron i4H SCARA

Omron NJ501-R

Asyril Asycube 240

Omron ACE Sight

Festo Linear Rail EGC-HD

Omron Door Locks

TSlots extrusion

Represented Vendors

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Omron TM and LD Demo

In This Demo

The Omron TM is picking up a parts tray containing four different items.

The tray is then placed on the Dorner 2700 conveyor.

The NX1P2 PLC Handshakes the LD and TM 

The TM Receives a signal to move the pallet

Then the LD receives a signal retrieve it from the conveyor.

Key Components

Omron TM Collaborative Robot

Omron LD Mobile Robot

Dorner 2700 MEdium Conveyor

Omron NX1P2

Omron Ethercat Coupler

More Demo Footage and Information to Come!

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