Effi Ring Light

EFFI-Ring is a high power adjustable ring light with interchangeable diffusers and an adjustable lens position offering multiple possible configurations.

It meets the major needs of manufacturers with its mechanical accessories, making it easy to mount it on the end of a robotic arm, or to attach a camera. It is perfectly suited for pick & place or robot guidance applications, as well as any wide field of view inspection.

  • Flexibility in the choice of diffuser and emission angle (from 90° to 10°) to find the right compromise between power, lighted area and uniformity.
  • Integrated driver with AutoStrobe function which automatically increases power by 700% in overdrive mode, compared to continuous mode.
  • Robust design IP65 for applications in complex environments.
  • Hole camera of 58mm, compatible with most lenses.
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 Available wavelengths –

> Monochromatic version

Color ● UV ● Blue ● Green ● Red ●IR ○ White
(T°= 5500K ± 500K)
Wavelength (nm) : ZZZ 365* 405 465 525 625 850 000

*For UV 365: no lens provided (lens is not supported) and special UV treated window is used.

Part number: EFFI-RING-ZZZ…

EFFI-Ring in white color

> Option: Multispectral version

> Option: SWIR Version

– Windows –


TR : Transparent
SD : Semi-diffuse
OP : Opaline

Presentation of the different types of Transparent / Semi-Diffuse / Opaline glass available on the EFFI-Ring for machine vision and quality control.

EFFILUX offers different types of interchangeable windows to find a good compromise between power and homogeneity depending on the nature of the object to control.

See optical accessory window


Part number : EFFI-RING-ZZZ-WW

WW : TR, SD or OP
If not specified, default semi-diffuse window
The windows can be changed directly by the customer.

– Emission angle according to the lens position –


Presentation positioning of the lens on a EFFI-Ring.
EFFI-Ring offers 4 lens configurations, manually adjustable to change the emission angle.

Position P0* P1 P2 P3
Angle Presentation of an EFFI-Ring with an emission angle of 90°.
90° * without lens
Presentation of an EFFI-Ring equipped with a lens with an emission angle of 45°.
Presentation of an EFFI-Ring equipped with a lens with an emission angle of 25°
Presentation of an EFFI-Ring equipped with a lens with an emission angle of 10°.


Part number : EFFI-RING-ZZZ-WW-PP

PP : P0, P1, P2 ou P3
If not specified, default position P2.
The position of the lens can be changed by the customer for more flexibility.

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