What’s the difference between Barcode Verification and Barcode Validation?

Regarding barcodes, there are two terms that stand out as being difficult to parse: validation and verification.

The Difference Between Validation and Verification

Validation ensures that the structure of the encoded data within the barcode is readable and correctly formatted.

Verification ensures the code is compliant to a specified standard and thus universally scannable. 


The Business Case for Barcode Validation and Label Verification

Printing poor labels can rack up business expenses between buy-backs, re-stocking, re-printing, and more.

Depending on your industry, these can result in multi-thousand dollar fines per instance, but with the V275 verifier, they can alert you when a batch reads poorly, and they can also produce a report indicating compliance and quality.


The Regulatory Case for Verifying

“On July 22, 2022, the FDA posted the final guidance(…) ‘This final guidance describes the FDA’s compliance policy regarding Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID) submission requirements for certain Class I devices considered consumer health products.”

If you are in the medical device market, this is a government requirement going forward. 

Want to Learn More?

There is an upcoming event on January 16th with Omrons Dustin Thweatt; this presentation will promote Label Compliance, Barcode Verification, and FDA rules on UDI specification.

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