About Our Company

Mechatronic Solutions strives to be the benchmark of machine automation resources in the Midwest.
We are driven by our concentrations on these key attributes:

  • Partnership, friendship and teamwork with our clients, suppliers and our co-workers
  • Continued education for ourselves and our clients
  • Differentiation through technical innovation
  • Continually improving & evaluating the company to provide higher value to customers and suppliers.
  • Creating a company culture that fosters excellence, enthusiasm and pride

Leverage our knowledge:

How you can benefit? Leverage our knowledge of the following technologies:

  • Pneumatic system sizing & selection
  • Conveyance and part handling
  • Closed loop flow and pressure control
  • Embedded PC, Industrial PC, and HMI's.
  • Digital & analog electronics
  • Machine vision, optics and lighting.
  • Power Management, AC & DC systems.
  • Vacuum system design and troubleshooting.
  • Robotics - SCARA, 6-axis, Parallel & Flex-picker
  • UL, CSA, CE, FDA, NEC, NEMA, IP, NFPA knowledge base
  • Motion control: servo/stepper system design controls, amps & motors
  • Machine safeguarding, meeting OSHA standards - electrical & mechanical.
  • Application of precision stages where accuracy, repeatability and deflection are concerns.