Pneumatic Panels

Pneumatic Panel Solutions for MN, WI, ND and SD

Mechatronic Solutions is a leader in the production of pneumatic control panels, utilizing high quality components from industry leading manufacturing partners in Festo and Fabco-Air. Save time and hassle by partnering with Mechatronic Solutions.

Panel Design & Layout | Assembled to exact specifications | Delivered as one centralized unit

Pneumatic Panels

Pneumatic panels provide a centralized location and control for machine functions utilizing compressed air components. Many customers purchase and receive individual components from a variety of manufacturers which can take significant time tracking all the different orders. Once received, all the individual components must be assembled into the machine structure and tested for correct operation and function. Mechatronic Solutions’ pneumatic panel solutions remove all this hassle by providing one high quality, durable panel to order and install into the machine structure that has already been tested. Simply connect air lines to necessary pneumatic devices to control.

Pneumatic System Products & Solutions from Festo & Fabco-Air

  • Pneumatic Valves
  • Pneumatic Valve Manifolds
  • Pneumatic Actuators & Cylinders
  • Pneumatic Vacuum Components
  • Pneumatic Fittings
  • Air Preparation Units
  • Air Hose

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