Festo SBSA & SBSX Vision Sensors

New Product

With higher resolutions, more powerful software tools, easier integration and more flexibility, the latest generation of SBS vision sensors provide the right features and tools to meet your demanding machine vision requirements. From inspection to identification, barcode reading to robot guidance, measurement to color analysis, Festo’s new SBSA and SBSX solutions are designed to suit your needs.

High Resolution

A 5 megapixel (MP) sensor provides high resolution images for applications requiring precision measurement and the detection of small details. Auto-focus and auto-exposure make finding the perfect image simple. There are also 1.5 MP and 0.5 MP sensors available for applications with lower requirements.


Powerful Software Tools

The SBS vision sensor software provides you easy access to all of the cameras on the network and powerful configuration tools to help setup for a variety of machine vision applications. This powerful imaging is integrated directly into the sensor, so no separate control is necessary.


Easy Integration

All SBS vision sensors come in the same mechanical housing, with the same dovetail mount and electrical connections, making them easy to integrate anywhere on your factory floor. Digital IO signals and robust Ethernet communications support seamless integration to PLCs and robotic controllers.

SBSA & SBSX Hardware Features


SBSA Hardware Features


SBSX Hardware Features


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