For company leaders, making the decision of whether to invest in automation technology (robots, robotic end-of-arm tooling, conveying systems, part feeding, motion control, machine vision, vacuum systems, etc.) can sometimes be difficult. Especially when it involves new or unfamiliar automation technology and $10,000s of investments, there often needs to be a strong business case to move forward. For decision makers, many questions arise, which include:

Will there be an acceptable return on investment for my company?
Will this help us achieve our business objectives?
Do I have the resources to deploy and support my investment?

Many decision makers that had these questions still went ahead with the automation investment knowing it was the right overall direction for their company. But when bringing in advanced automation solutions for the first time, it can be intimidating and also full of challenges. Integration of multiple automation technologies, project delays, product delays, training, etc. or even worse, how many companies have put aside expensive automation components after several failed integration attempts? The best way companies and leadership can reduce risk and drastically increase chances of success is to work with a high-tech automation partner that can conduct proof-of-concept testing prior to purchasing the technology.

Types of Proof-of-Concept Testing Include:

Robotic Cycle Time Testing
Robot & Flexible Part Feeding System Integration
Flexible Part Feeding
Machine Vision Systems – Cameras, Optics, Lighting Selection, etc.
Multi-Axis Motion Control Tuning & Coordination
Conveyor Tracking with Delta Robot
Vacuum Gripper Testing with Robotics
And Many More
There are many different types of automation technologies and even more combinations of integration. This contributes to the challenging problem of selecting the right automation hardware and correct solution in general. This brings us back to where finding a partner to conduct proof-of-concept testing enters the picture as a solution. Mechatronic Solutions is a high-tech automation distributor that excels in proof-of-concept testing and has made significant investments in automation hardware to help customers navigate the challenges of their automation projects. Mechatronic Solutions’ Automation Solutions Lab (pictured below) contains a variety of automation systems, components, and hardware. In addition to investments in hardware, Mechatronic Solutions has a team of skilled application engineers on staff to work with customers on testing.

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