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What are Autonomous Mobile Robots

AMRs come in all shapes and sizes, from small robots carrying items around a warehouse to heavy-duty robots transporting heavy loads across long distances.

One of the biggest advantages of AMRs is their flexibility. Unlike traditional conveyor systems or fixed automation equipment, AMRs can be quickly reprogrammed or redeployed for different tasks or products. This makes them ideal for companies that need to adapt quickly to changing customer demands or supply chain disruptions.

How Do They Work

AMRs are self-driving vehicles that can operate in just about any environment. They use a combination of sensors and mapping technology to navigate their surroundings. Once an AMR has mapped out its territory with these tools, the robot can detect objects and obstacles and adjust its route accordingly.

The technology isn’t strictly limited to AMR itself. They can also communicate with other devices in the area, allowing for even greater efficiency and accuracy when completing tasks.

Popular Autonomous Mobile Robot Examples

Ramp Systems

  • RAMP wanted to offer its customers a safe and highly efficient automated transport solution.
  • The company chose to work with Omron mobile robots, which provide a variety of payload options in a single, coordinated fleet.
  • The systems integrator’s customers can realize an ROI of two years or less in most applications with a solution that solves a variety of delivery problems.

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Juki Smart Solutions

  • An American multinational contract manufacturer of electronics needed to speed up material handling and transport at its Mexico locations.
  • The company employed several Omron LD mobile robots in a fleet coordinated by Omron Enterprise Manager.
  • Operational costs are lower thanks to the reduction in manpower required in the stock room, and the overall footprint is also smaller than that of traditional warehousing methods.

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T&W Operations

  • Whether it’s quality system checks, manifest generation, or another need, Omron robotics facilitate a hands-off, fully automated conveyance system.
  • Omron AMRs are powerful pieces of technology with built-in safety features that allow several options to meet a variety of large weight requirements.
  • Omron AMRs have self-navigating software that detects obstacles in the way and autonomously plans a route to avoid collision or idle time by navigating around them.

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Learn More About AMRs

Autonomous Mobile Robots Course

Omron has a tutorial of their HD-1500 within their mobile robots playlist.

Additionally, Omron has more in-depth materials that typically come with the purchase of an AMR.

Reach Out to An Automation Specialist

Mechatronic Solutions prides itself on being a premier provider of Omron products in MN, WI, SD, and ND. If you are considering an AMR, contact us directly. We have an LD-90 in house which we typically have scooting around our halls and causing a ruckus at tradeshows. Feel free to reach out, we’d love to discuss your applications and how AMRs may benefit.