Omron's D41 series of RFID-monitored door switches are a flexible solution that protect operators requiring partial or full body access to machinery in various applications across many industries. To reduce accident rates, many companies are adopting the EN ISO 14119 standard for interlocking device selection that minimizes risk of defeat/bypass. Omron's D41 series is a cost-effective way to meet the principles of this standard. There are both non-contact and guard-locking options available. 

All models offer quick automatic pairing that helps reduce commissioning time, along with three-color LED indicators and diagnostic outputs that ensure the highest level of protection. Additional key features include:

  • Individual coding, single or multiple teaching type
  • Up to 31 devices connected in series
  • Complies with ISO 14119 (Type 4/High Coded), ISO 13849-1 (PLe)

There are 3 models that make up the D41 series:



Non-contact interlock with three different actuator types to save space, symmetrical design for left and right mounting, and a long detection range that supports approach direction from front or side.

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Guard lock interlock with hygienic design prevents accumulation of water, food and dust. IP69 and ECOLAB certified, D41L supports three actuating directions and mounts on left and right hinge doors.

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Guard lock interlock with an integrated door handle offers an ergonomic actuator and reduces design efforts. Models with emergency exit units ensure people can exit even if power is disrupted.

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