About OMRON Corporation

OMRON Corporation is a world-class manufacturer of industrial automation products, with over 80 years of successful operation and 37,000 employees. OMRON is committed to providing all the necessary technologies for a complete, end-to-end automation solution for nearly any industry. Mechatronic Solutions is a distributor for all OMRON products in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

What’s New from OMRON?

LD-250 Mobile Robot

The newest addition to the LD-Series, the LD-250 boasts a payload capacity of 250kg and is designed to transport large objects that would normally need to be moved by human workers using carts or other equipment.

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TM Collaborative Robot

Designed for modern manufacturing, this cobot features built-in intelligent vision, an easy-to-use graphical programming environment for quick startup, and the TM Landmark that provides automation recalibration for fast changeover.

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Omron Products

Control Components

Control Components

  • HMIs
  • Industrial PCs
  • PLCs
  • Power Supplies
  • Remote I/0
  • Temp. Controllers

Identification & Vision

  • Barcode Readers
  • Machine Vision Cameras
  • RFID Solutions
  • Vision Sensors & Systems
  • Verification Solutions
Pneumatic Ballscrews

Motion & Drives

  • Frequency Inverters
  • Motion Controllers
  • Servo Systems


  • 6-axis
  • Collaborative
  • Mobile
  • Parallel
  • Part Feeders


  • Area Scanners
  • Emergency Stop Devices
  • Safety Door Switches
  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Safety Mats & Edges
  • Safety Relays


  • Amplifiers
  • Area Sensors
  • Fiber Optics
  • Limit Switches
  • Photoelectric Sensors
  • Proximity Sensors

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