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SMAC Corporation was founded in 1990 and has grown to become a world leader in moving coil technology and the largest manufacturer of moving coil actuators in the world. Their actuators are unique in that force, position, and speed are totally programmable. SMAC electric actuators are designed to perform at exceptionally high speeds or very low speeds and with sub-micron accuracy and repeatability. The patented Soft-Land function gives extremely accurate sensing of product location or dimensions. This makes SMAC electric actuators ideal for a wide range of high cycle positioning, measuring, inspection, and pick and place applications.

What’s New from SMAC?

LBR40 Series Linear Rotary Actuator

The LBR40 is a slim, stackable linear rotary actuator with a SMAC HT35 direct drive brushless motor. The LBR provides a long life cycle, high linear force and rotary torque.

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CBR100 Series Linear Rotary Cylinder

Independent linear and rotary motion within one conventional cylinder shape actuator with a M12 connector optional. IP rated structure provides protection for wash down environments.

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