We have the most consistent quality and widest range of offerings for your T-slotted aluminum extrusion needs because we manufacture and distribute our products from our plants located in the USA. We work with your designs and offer free software options and concept assistance to help you make your aluminum extrusion plans a reality. We also offer customized extrusions for color and anodized finishes, so you’ll never have to paint your products.

When you order from TSLOTS, you can be confident that your aluminum extrusions will be easy to use, whether you have designed frames for robots, clean rooms, or enclosures. Our products are lightweight, durable and prefinished in any color you prefer. When you use our custom brackets, fasteners, hinges and hardware, our aluminum extrusions are easy to assemble. After building TSLOTS’ aluminum extrusions to your custom specifications, your durable structure will never need maintenance.

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Mechatronic Solutions is a leading distributor of TSLOTS for Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota. We also specialize in providing high-quality aluminum extrusion assemblies and have design services available. Contact Mechatronic Solutions at 763-447-3407 or fill in the Contact Us form today to work with our team