About Asyril

Asyril develops, produces and markets high performance flexible part feeding systems for parts and components from 0.1mm up to 150mm in size. Their unique patented 3-axis vibration technology and intelligent vision system are easy to integrate and allow for optimized speed, accuracy and flexibility. The Asycube series of flexible part feeders are compatible with a wide variety of parts and can perfectly handle complex geometries as well as highly delicate parts. Mechatronic Solutions is a leading Asyril distributor for Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Asyril Products

What’s Popular from Asyril?

Asycube 240 Feeder

The Asycube 240 flexible feeder is ideal for components from 5mm to 40mm for flat and cube-like parts, and up to 50mm for long parts (e.g. pins).

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Asyfeed Pocket Module

The Asyfeed Pocket Module is a turnkey solution that includes an Asycube 50 feeder, visual part detection system and precision robot manipulator.

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Mechatronic Solutions is a leading distributor of Asyril flexible feeding systems for Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Additionally, we can provide feasibility/proof of concept testing with your parts to ensure you receive the best solution. If you’re interested in learning more or have any questions, contact Mechatronic Solutions at (763) 447-3407 or fill in the Contact Us form to speak with a member of our team!

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