In this edition of the Mechatronic Minute, Derek Cross, talks about using a Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley PLC to control a Yaskawa SigmaLogic Servo Drive.

The SigmaLogic package makes it possible to gain the superior performance and unmatched reliability of a Yaskawa Servo System without leaving the familiar Studio 5000 programming environment and without requiring a motion processor.

Axis configuration is a simple process with LogicWorks, a software utility that walks users through proper axis commissioning and configuration procedure, as well as editing individual move profiles in the optional axis sequencing table.

Programming motion is easier than ever before when using either an intuitive sequence table of pre-configured moves or a pre-written library of Add-On Instructions (AOIs), that are compatible with both CompactLogix and ControlLogix processors.

With SigmaLogic, users can quickly and easily deploy axes of motion with both point-to-point and blended moves. All features from Yaskawa’s Sigma7 line are available, including automatic tuning-less mode and vibration suppression, high-resolution 24-bit encoders, and integrated safe torque off.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Yaskawa SigmaLogic Servo Drive, or you’d like to see an in-person demo, contact us here at Mechatronic Solutions.

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