Omron V440-f C-mount Code Reader


Omron’s new V440-F C-mount code reader provides a single code reading solution for complex traceability needs. Traceability in industries like packaging, pharmaceutical, electronics/semiconductor, food and beverage, and others often requires multiple codes of various types in various locations to be read simultaneously. The V440-F has been introduced to simplify the process of capturing all codes in a single view and managing the decoded data in the correct order.

omron-v440f-c-mount-code-reader               omron-v440f-c-mount-code-reader

The code reader’s flexible optics ensure maximum positioning for challenging symbols and direct part mark codes using high-performance algorithms.

A high-power dual-core processor and C-mount lens compatibility give the V440-F the ability to read up to 400 codes simultaneously and support wide area, long distance or small code reading applications.

The V440-F adds to the capabilities of the MicroHAWK series with the new WebLink 3.0 interface which includes “Matrix Mode” and “Ordered Input” for easily customizable data communications.

Key Features

  • Dual-core processor and 5 MP global shutter sensor
  • High-speed, 36 FPS image acquisition
  • C-Mount wide angle lenses to cover all code/label locations
  • Combined lens, coaxial lighting and 5 MP resolution for reading tiny codes
  • Matrix Mode for easy setup of multi-code reading
  • Advanced X-mode algorithms for challenging codes
  • WebLink browser-based software for easy data configuration and correct output ordering
  • Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and RS232C communications

View the Omron V440-F code reader datasheet

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