Many manufacturing companies and manufacturing equipment builders operate similarly with respect to the design and purchase of automation components. That is the engineer spends time evaluating and specifying the various automation components one-by-one to meet the requirements of the design. Once the design is complete, they send the BOM (bill of materials) over to purchasing, sometimes with associated quotes or costs. Purchasing must now determine where to purchase these components and possibly even get multiple quotes before placing orders, usually one-by-one to many different vendors and suppliers. Now consider an alternative…working with a high technology automation distributor that is staffed with technical support, design engineers, and application engineers, helping to save your company time and money by kitting your various automation component needs. Here’s how…

A high technology distributor such as Mechatronic Solutions has a multitude of technical abilities and people to assist the engineer with their designs and ultimately selecting the right automation components to meet the needs of their equipment. This will help the engineer save a significant amount of time on even pretty simple components. Then, the technical sales team can help build one kit or a variety of part kits depending on a job. For example, all the pneumatic components (valves, tubing, filters, regulators, etc.) can be put into one kit or one BOM for that particular job.


Now consider if purchasing was able to place one purchase order instead of 10+, or a few line items instead of 100s. This is all possible by working with Mechatronic Solutions to create a kit BOM with a single part number. Take that pneumatic example above, now all these various components are ordered as a single part number, which comes to your company in one bag. Furthermore, a distributor such as Mechatronic Solutions has such a wide offering of automation components that design and purchasing can work to consolidate many of its automation component needs into one vendor. All this leads to saving critical time in purchasing by consolidating orders, vendors and line items.


Any company’s shipping and receiving department has a large number and variety of parts coming and going every day. The likelihood of receiving the wrong item/quantity or misplacing a part or a part just “mysteriously disappears” is very high the more transactions that take place. This is where kitting can really eliminate errors in receiving and ultimately help production. By receiving one bag under a single part number, the amount of transactions in receiving goes down significantly, saving valuable time and minimizing the possibility of errors. With the pneumatic component example, one bag is received that is labeled with the part number created in the design phase and this can be delivered to the assembly floor as a kit vs. many loose parts.

Mechatronic Solutions provides high quality automation technology products, solutions, and services to companies across nearly all industries in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota. If you’re interested in working with Mechatronic Solutions to receive kits of your automation components, contact us today!

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