Aluminum extrusion is simply aluminum that has been heated to an extremely high temperature and extruded through a shaped hole in a die. You can find more about the specifics of the extrusion process here

The versatility of aluminum extrusion makes it a perfect building block for really any idea you might have. TSLOT'S large selection of aluminum extrusion products are lightweight, high-quality, and extremely durable. Additionally, it can be customized to your preference of color and anodized finish. Mechatronic Solutions is a distributor of TSLOTS aluminum extrusion and a leading provider of aluminum extrusion assembly services. 

Now you might be wondering, what exactly can I build with aluminum extrusion? Well, the answer is just about anything! Here are some examples of aluminum extrusion assemblies that we have constructed in-house at Mechatronic Solutions:

Machine & Robotic Cell Guarding

machine-guarding-1       machine-guarding-2


aluminum-extrusion-assembly-cabinet-1      aluminum-extrusion-assembly-cabinet-2


aluminum-extrusion-assembly-cart-1  aluminum-extrusion-assembly-cart-2

Workstations (Stationary or Mobile)

aluminum-extrusion-assembly-workstation-1      aluminum-extrusion-assembly-workstation-2


aluminum-extrusion-assembly-rack-1 aluminum-extrusion-assembly-rack-2


aluminum-extrusion-assembly-enclosure-1       aluminum-extrusion-assembly-enclosure-2


extrusion-stand-1          extrusion-stand-2
Custom Conveyor Systems

COVID Workplace Safety Solutions


These are just some of the examples of what you can build with TSLOTS aluminum extrusion. Have an idea for your next project? Contact Mechatronic Solutions by calling (763) 447-3407 or filling out the contact form. We are a leading distributor of TSLOTS aluminum extrusion products with design and assembly services available to ensure you get the high-quality solution you are looking for.