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Asyril Asycube Flexible Robotic Part Feeders

In this Mechatronic Minute, we cover Asycube flexible robotic part feeders from Asyril.

Asycubes provide high-performance part feeding, pre-orientation and optimal surface distribution of bulk parts and components. There are 5 different sizes of Asycube feeders, giving you the ability to feed parts from 0.1 to 150mm in size. Almost any part can be fed with an Asycube, including complex geometries and delicate materials.

Asycube feeders allow you to achieve a faster cycle time. With Asyril’s unique 3-axis vibration technology, parts can be moved in all directions, they don’t accumulate in a corner or edge, they don’t need to recirculate, and the optimal choice of flipping amplitude can be set for each part.

An integrated backlight can be easily adjusted for precise part detection. The color options include red, green, white, blue, and infrared.

Additionally, the systematic orientation of parts can be achieved with a variety of structured platforms – for example: flat, grooved, holes, anti-stick and anti-roll. Custom platforms can also be designed. Structured platforms can be changed in seconds, and new vibration recipes can be easily configured, resulting in flexible and scalable production.

Asycubes are natively compatible with TCP/IP and Modbus TCP communication. Preconfigured fieldbus gateway and hardware adapters are available for EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Profinet, and CC-Link. Asycubes work with any robot, but integration time and costs can be reduced with ready-to-use plugins for popular robot brands such as Yaskawa Motoman, Fanuc, ABB, Denso, and Mitsubishi. They are also a perfect compliment to our Mecademic and Omron Adept robots. We have helped many companies create fast, successful bulk part feeding systems with these robots and Asycubes.

At Mechatronic Solutions, we also have an extensive Automation Solutions Lab with Asycube feeders and a variety of robots to conduct feasibility/proof-of-concept testing for your automation project.

If you would like more information or are interested in seeing an Asycube demo, contact us here at Mechatronic Solutions.

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