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Asyril SA, a Swiss company, was founded in 2007. Asyril develops, produces and markets high performance flexible feeding systems for parts and components from 0.1mm up to 150mm in size. Their unique patented 3-axis vibration technology and intelligent vision system are easy to integrate and allow for optimized speed, accuracy and flexibility.

Asyril’s key competencies encompass all three sub-domains of modern part feeding systems: vibration technology, industrial vision and precision robotics.

Asyril’s Asycube Series Flexible Part Feeders

Asyril’s award-winning series of Asycube flexible feeders offer high performance part feeding, pre-orientation and optimal surface distribution of bulk parts and components.


Asycube feeders are compatible with nearly all parts; 99% of parts can be fed with these feeders, including complex geometries and delicate materials. With Asyril’s innovative 3-axis vibration technology, parts can be moved in all directions, they don’t accumulate in a corner or edge, and the optimal flipping amplitude can be set for each part. There is also minimal abrasion as parts do not need to be recirculated. Additional advantages of Asycube feeders include:

  • Minimal production changeover times enable flexible, future-proof production systems. Purge options are available allowing a simple and fast emptying for quick changes.
  • Advanced reliability and durability due to state-of-the-art Voice Coil Technology; no compressed air.
  • Precise part detection thanks to integrated, adjustable backlight and optional EYE+ Smart Control System.

asycube-integrated-backlight        asycube-integrated-backlight

  • Systematic part orientation can be achieved with intelligently structured platforms (grooves, holes, anti-roll, etc.).


  • Simple system integration because of numerous software plugins for most popular robot brands, including Yaskawa, Fanuc, ABB, Denso, UR, Yamaha, Mitsubishi, and more.
  • Preconfigured fieldbus gateway/hardware adapter available for EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Profinet, and CC-Link.

Below are a few Asycube demo videos:


Asyril’s EYE+ Smart Control System

Asyril’s EYE+ Smart Control System is the intelligence between an Asycube feeder and robot. It allows you to control the hopper, Asycube, camera, and robot from the EYE+ Studio, a web-based interface. EYE+ consists of a compact controller, high-resolution camera, and calibration plate.

EYE+ optimizes the performance of your Asycube with integrated Artificial Intelligence based vision on a powerful controller. No previous machine vision experience is required, a user-friendly interface with step-by-step instructions and explanations makes the software easy to follow. Command prompts are sent through TCP/IP so EYE+ is compatible with any robot brand.

Flexible Feeding Proof-of-Concept Testing

Mechatronic Solutions offers flexible feeding proof-of-concept testing to ensure your parts are compatible with Asycube feeders and that you will be able to meet the goals of your automation project. We have a number of Asycube feeders, robots, and vision systems in our Automation Solutions Lab to conduct testing. We also have access to Asyril’s U.S. headquarters in Edina, MN, which provides us many more options for testing and studies.

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