As the government continues to slowly relax restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the responsibility of businesses to create and maintain a safe environment for their employees and customers. Mechatronic Solutions designs and builds custom aluminum extrusion assemblies and guarding for a variety of automation projects. We partner with TSLOTS, who has also responded to the COVID situation with a variety of standard and customizable safety solutions that utilize high-quality aluminum and are ready for rapid deployment. We also partner with Eaton, who has made personal protective equipment (PPE) available.
Sneeze Guards (Stationary & Mobile)

These sneeze guards are a physical barrier separator that reduces contact between your employee and customers. They feature a clear and easy to clean surface that will reduce the risk of contamination.

Foot Plates

Foot plates reduce the risk of transferring germs from door handles in common high-traffic areas. They create a hands-free option that works great for bathroom areas.

Partition Walls- Single or Full

The single partitioning wall offers simple guarding with clear acrylic panels that can be placed between workstations or cubicles and customized to your specific needs.

For larger spaces, the full partition wall is a great option for “social distancing”. It works to create a temporary work space or room, or can be used as a mobile divider to keep people at a distance.

Temperature Screening Station

With temperature screenings becoming more of a norm when entering buildings, this station provides an easy to clean barrier to protect your employees and customers.

Hand Sanitizer Stand

Having quick and constant access to sanitation is key for your employees and customers. This simple stand allows you to confine your sanitizer securely and move it anywhere around your facility.

Personal Protective Equipment

Eaton’s face shield protects your workforce from exposure to potentially harmful substances. It is easily cleaned and sanitized, as well as fully-adjustable and includes foam straps for maximum comfort. Additionally, Eaton’s touchless tool reduces the risk of exposure to potentially harmful surface-dwelling viruses and substances. The hook design allows you to open doors and handles, while the protrusion at the top is used for pressing buttons. It is approved for use by University hospitals and can even be customized with your companies logo/branding.

Custom Protective Solutions

In addition to these safety solutions, we can develop a custom solution specific to your needs and/or facility. Whether that is separators for your production line or barriers of a specific size for your office, we’re here to help.

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