For over a century, Yaskawa has served the world’s needs for products to improve global productivity
through automation. Yaskawa is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial AC drives, servo and motion control, and robotic automation systems. The quality of Yaskawa products is second to none as they were the only industrial drives and motion control manufacturer to win the Deming Medal, which is the most prestigious quality award in manufacturing. Their subsidiary, Yaskawa Motoman, is a leading industrial robotics manufacturer with over 400,000 robots, 15 million servos and 26 million inverter drives installed globally since 1989. Mechatronic Solutions was named Motoman’s ‘Top Automation Distributor’ in 2018.

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Yaskawa Sigmalogic Package – Mechatronic Minute

Yaskawa Sigmalogic Package – Mechatronic Minute

Mechatronic Solutions Named Yaskawa Motoman’s Top Automation Distributor

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