In this video, Derek Limesand, Applications Engineer at Mechatronic Solutions, covers the F3SG-SR safety light curtains from Omron.

These light curtains were developed to help manufacturers overcome the challenges of flexible production, unplanned downtime, and cumbersome installation.

The F3SG-SR series simplify installation with quick alignment via tri-color area beam indicators. These LED indicator lights also help perform maintenance by dirt detection and determining the optimal replacement timing.

The light curtains provide your team with critical info to avoid unplanned downtime with preventive maintenance data that is available via I/O link or Bluetooth.

With their intelligent tap feature, settings can be duplicated between the same light curtain models without needing a PC, reducing installation time and startup costs. Backed up settings are also automatically restored when powered on.

This one series of light curtains covers all protection applications, with protective heights in 40mm increments- offering a solution for everything from finger and hand protection, to full body protection.

If you would like to see a demo of the F3SG-SR light curtains or have any questions, contact us here at Mechatronic Solutions.

You can also view the F3SG-SR datasheet here.

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