Mechatronic Solutions Announces Partnership With Dorner Conveyors

Automating bin picking applications has always been a challenge, but it has been made a whole lot easier with Omron’s new FH-SMD 3D robot vision system. This system simplifies the implementation of bin picking tasks by providing a compact, lightweight and fast camera with a powerful 3D application software.

This system is capable of precisely identifying and picking randomly stacked parts from inside of a bin, and then placing them at a conveyor, tray, machine, etc.


The small 3D vision camera fits in pre-existing compact spaces, so you don’t need to change the layout of your production system. It is mounted on a robot arm to add flexibility in image acquisition and prompt the robot to approach objects at different angles instead of from a fixed location. This can be helpful in circumstances where an overhead mounted camera is not fully emptying the bins or when there is not space for the mounting structure.

The powerful camera offers advanced image acquisition and measurement by taking a single shot of the object with a multi-pattern structured light. This makes acquisition and measurement time as fast as 0.4s. It also contains a built-in 2D light for code reading and other inspections.


Commissioning this system is made extremely easy, and no manuals are necessary. Wizards guide you step-by-step through the process of setting up a picking application, from camera setup to calibration.


This system can be used with Omron’s TM and Viper series robots, and some robots from other major vendors can be used.

Additional Specifications & Features

  • Smallest 3D camera on the market (110 x 97 x 53mm)
  • Lightest 3D camera on the market (0.6 kg)
  • 0.2mm repeatability
  • Short working distance of 200mm
  • Field of View (FOV) of 400 x 300mm

View Omron FH-SMD 3D Robot Vision System Brochure

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